This fundraiser supports Kid Lit’s fight against the cruel separation of kids from their families at the U.S. border, and the work of reuniting families.

We are auctioning off dozens of great prizes, from query critiques, to signed first-edition New York Times bestsellers, and much more.

There are two ways to contribute and win: Raffles and Auctions. Don’t forget to check out our Featured Auctions.


1. Make a donation to Kid Lit Says No Kids in Cages.

2. Browse our raffle items here.

3.Enter as many raffles as you like up to the dollar amount you’ve donated. For instance, if you donated $50, you can enter to win signed books, a critique of your work by a published author, and more!

4. To enter, fill out your your name, contact info, and proof of donation. You must enter this information for each giveaway you’re entering.


1. With auctions, you can bid to win specific prizes, ranging from query critiques, signed first edition New York Times bestsellers, and a lot of other really cool stuff. Check out the auction items here. Interested in specific categories? Hover over “all items” in the dropdown to see the various categories available. These include: a chance to get feedback from some of the industry’s best agents and editors, query critiques, exclusive phone calls, and more.  Want to search all YA/MG items? Click here. Picture book: click here.

2. The starting bid for all auction items is $25.

3. If you’d like to bid on an item, place your bid along with your name and email address in this format name (at) emailprovider (dot) com in the comments section before 11:59pm on Sunday, July 15th at midnight Eastern.

4. The final highest bid by 11:59pm Eastern on Sunday, July 15 will win the auction. Once you’ve been notified that you have won, you can make your donation to Kid Lit Says No Kids in Cages.  You will be notified at that point how to send proof of your donation to claim your prize.

Unless noted otherwise, all signed books and other physical items are US only.


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  1. How do we know which auctions are lottery style and which are silent auction with highest winning? Your example for lottery style says $10 bid gives you chances, but there is also a statement saying minimum $25. I was guessing that if my bid showed up it was lottery style and if it was hidden it was silent. Correct? Or did I completely get it wrong.

  2. Hi Doug! We’ll fix that–everything ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, July 15th, EST. Thanks!

  3. Yes. If you’re the high bid and then someone outbids you, you may certainly bid above that amount. Happy bidding and thank you for supporting this cause!

  4. I thought I saw somewhere that we have a year to contact the authors/editors/agents. Is that true?

  5. Hi Jayne! Once the auction is over, we’ll connect you to the agent/author/editor and they can work out a timeline with you that works for both of you.

  6. Are you aware your system went down before midnight saying the webpages resources had been exceeded, likely because of the number of people attempting to bid. Also, how was I outbid at 12:02 a.m. if it ended at midnight?

  7. This happened to me, too. The bid comment I attempted to post at 11:55 / 11:56 resulted in “resources exceeded” messages but then did eventually post with a timestamp of 12:02 am.

  8. Hi Kelly! I have a winning bid, but didn’t put my email address in the comments for privacy reasons. Will you be able to contact me with the email address I wrote in the registration form (the one I was required to fill out before commenting)? Thanks!

  9. I also attempted to bid ten minutes before the cutoff point at midnight, but the website was down (a 508 error, resources exceeded ). By the time the website worked and I was able to bid, it was 1215. My comment was deleted the next morning. I believe the auctions would have gone for much more money if the website had been able to handle the traffic.

  10. I’m happy to have a won a couple auctions, and happy to have lost, especially knowing where the money is going! Thank you all who donated critiques, books, etc to bid on. Please let me know how to proceed.

  11. Hi, I’m excited about my winning bid(s). On one item there’s a bid that followed mine at 12:31 a.m. Should I assume because it’s there that it’s being accepted, even though late? I don’t know how much to donate until that is confirmed one way or the other. Thanks for all your efforts for this important charity opportunity!

  12. It looks as though I may have won a couple of the auctions but alas I was a dork and did not put my email address within my comment. sionedkla (at) gmail (dot) com If the two that I believe I won — “Alexandra Sirowy signed book set” and “Heather Petty signed book set” are still available I am more than happy to donate and follow through with my bids. I look forward to receiving an email either way.

  13. Hmm, looks like I forgot to include email in the comment as well, just when I registered to make comments. So here it is for the two I may have won: Tanusri Prasanna PB critique #1 and maybe one of the Amy Stern Critiques. lasword (at) rcn (dot) com I look forward to receiving confirmation. Thanks!

  14. Hello! It looks like I may have won a few of the auctions. Lynnette Novak call and Jenny Bent query critique / call. BridgetMPaulson (at) gmail (dot) com Look forward to hearing for you regarding next steps. Thank you to everyone who donated their time. It is a worthy cause!

  15. Has anyone received an email yet? I won some auctions and only put my email in when I registered and haven’t seen anything yet. Thanks!

  16. I have not heard from anyone regarding the items I bid on that I think I won. Do we wait for an email before paying for these items to ensure we did actually win? Has there been an update that I missed on the process? Thanks so much for doing this, I loved seeing so much generosity in our community.

  17. I am also wondering what’s next if I won an auction (at least I assume I did as I was the last and highest bidder.

  18. I didn’t hear anything from the auctions yet, but I have heard back about a raffle I entered. I think maybe they’re working on those first, since people already paid, and then getting to the auctions.

  19. I think I had the high bid on Ruta’s Skype visit. I entered twice with my name but different emails because the first one didn’t pop up at first and I thought it didn’t work. Either email is fine but I’ll register this comment with my school email. Thanks.

  20. Hi. Thank you for doing this auction – for a great cause. During the auction, there were 3 items listed with Elise Howard – all phone call with one also providing a critique. Currently I only see two of the items. I’m not positive, but I thought I may have ‘won’ the third one but now can’t find it. Am I just crazy?? Thanks.

  21. Hi there—just wondering if emails were sent? I won the Emery Lord prize pack. My email is meredithgallo @ Gmail.com. Thanks!

  22. I realize you must be busy but wanted to check in as I had the successful bid on the “conversation” with Brenda Bowen, and have not heard anything.

  23. Thank you all so much for entering!! If you entered a raffle, you should have heard back by now (email us at k4kpub@gmail.com if you haven’t for some reason), and if you entered an auction, our team is working through the auction prizes! thank you!!

  24. Oddly enough, I received the bill for an auction I didn’t win (one I will happily take with Jenny Bent) but I have not received a bill for the auction I did win (the critique by Barbara Poelle). I’m hoping that the problem here is only a little disorganization.

  25. Hi, I didn’t leave my email in the comments section like I was suppose to. I think I won Megan Crewe’s signed book set. My email is Kanyonmk (at) aol (dot) com . Thanks!

  26. I think I won critiques from Vivian Kirkfield & Katey Howes. If so, my email address is ptnozell@gmail.com. I have heard from Marcie Colleen re a raffle prize already. Thank you!

  27. Hello, I just wanted to confirm that I won the Stephanie Garber signed books set. I understand that your team is still working through emails. Thank you. My email is saure.paulette (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. I should hope so because I’m in the same boat. Assuming time stamps are being honored i won several auctions

  29. I’ve received one of three emails so far regarding the prizes. I wish there was more communication…

  30. I wanted to check in about the auction item I won — The Rat Prince book and author visit. I’ve been checking my spam folder just in case. My email is sarah (dot) aliberti (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. Hello –
    I won several auction items and still have not heard about them. Is there a problem getting the notifications out to the winning bidders? I am happy to help if assistance is needed. Would be nice to get some kind of information on this. I have received one response to a winning bid but nothing else on the others. Has anyone else heard anything? I think there has been enough time passed that I can reasonably have expected to have heard something????

  32. I just got the first of 2 a couple days ago. I think it’s the # of auctions. I think I counted 6 or 7 per page with 24 pages. And everyone running this have other things on their plates. It is frustrating and I hope someone can give us an update soon. Until then, we have to try to be patient.

  33. Has anyone heard anything past that they won? I received word on August 10th that I won and made my donations which I showed proof of and was thanked but that was the last word I have heard about any of it. I have attempted to reach out through email several times with no response. Any ideas on how to go from there?

  34. This is true for me too @kassandraappel – have heard nothing since paying for the critique I won.

  35. I’m still waiting too. It’s been about two months now since I heard about my first bid. Happy about that. <3 But still waiting to hear about three more. I'm worried I will not be getting what I bid for, which would be heartbreaking, as I want the items so so very badly. Fingers crossed I will get the emails shortly.

  36. Do anyone know if we will still be getting the auction prizes that we bid on? It has been 4 months now since bidding ended. I would still love to be able to donate to this amazing cause, and be able to get the prizes that I bid on. <3

  37. So wondering what is going on with the auction items? I won a high bid and never heard anything. Did everything just fall through? I was super excited for our Ruta Skype and Ruta promoted it on Twitter so I thought legit…has anyone else heard anything?

  38. I am attempting to contact one of the people I won a prize from – Darlene Beck Jacobson but the email is not working. Anyone monitoring this who can give me a good email to redeem my prize?

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