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Donation level $1: deleted LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT scene

Receive a deleted Simon/Blue scene from LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT: Simon/Blue Promposal – Extended Cut from Becky Albertalli!

If you donate $1 or more, you will receive an emailed PDF copy of this scene when the fundraising drive has ended.  (Note: all entrants are winners and will receive the scene!) To receive the scene, email your proof of donation to k4kbecky@gmail.com.

This is the original Simon/Blue promposal scene from an early draft LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT, which was scaled back significantly in the final version. The uncut document is five single-spaced pages of Creekwood snow day chaos, starring Leah, Abby, Garrett, Nick, Simon, and Blue. Contains spoilers for SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA/LOVE, SIMON and LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT.

(Note: the scene will be emailed sometime after the auctions/raffles close at 11:59pm EST on July 15, 2018.)

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