Donation level $30: query critiques from an author raffle

Email proof of $30+ donation to k4kpub+30authorquery@gmail.com to enter this raffle for author query critiques.  You may enter as many raffles as you like as long as you’ve donated the requested amount.  If you win, you will be notified after the raffle has closed. 


#1 NYT Bestselling author Victoria Schwab: Query critique and 15 minute phone call

Diana Sousa: Query critique (5)

Author & Co-Founder of CAKE Literary Sona Charaipotra: query critique/30 minute publishing 411 phone call

Lindsay Lackey: Query critique (5)

Stacey Lee: query critique

Stephanie Sauvinet: Query critique

Stephanie Sauvinet: Query + First 10 pages critique (Adult or YA)

Alyssa Palombo: Query critique

Christine Day: Query + Twitter pitch critique (MG or YA)

G.S. (Gabrielle) Prendergast: Query Critique

Kate Hattemer: Query critique

Vivian Kirkfield: PB Query/cover letter critique

Annie Cardi: Query critique

London Shah: Query Critique

Lori Goldstein: Query critique (2)

Lori Goldstein: Query critique

Kris Waldherr: Query critique for a MG or YA novel

Lauren Gibaldi: Query critic

Julie Artz: Query & 10 page critique (MG or YA)

Tracey Neithercott: Query & first chapter critique for YA

3 thoughts on “Donation level $30: query critiques from an author raffle

  1. Hello, When we send our email with proof our donation, is there an auto-reply email or any other confirmation that our entry into the raffle was received? Thank you!

    1. Hi Katie! Don’t worry, we got it! (I just double checked yours in particular to make sure.) thanks so much for entering!

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