Donation level $35: 10 pages critique from an author raffle

Have a published author take a look at the beginning of your manuscript and offer feedback and insights.  

Email proof of $35+ donation to k4kpub+35author10@gmail.com to enter this raffle for manuscript critiques.  You may enter as many raffles as you like as long as you’ve donated the requested amount.  If you win, you will be notified after the raffle has closed.

NYT Bestselling author Roshani Chokshi: 10 page critique

NYT Bestselling author Melissa Albert: First chapter critique

Caroline Tung Richmond: Critique/Skype visit

Jessika Fleck: First 15 pages critique

Alyssa Palombo: Query + First 10 pages critique (adult fiction)

Susan Adrian: Critique: Query + 1st chapter (MG or YA)

Rajani LaRocca: Query + 10 page critique (MG or YA)

Alexandra Sirowy: Query + 10 page critique

Heather Petty: Query + First Chapter critique

Dana Mele: First chapter critique

Lori Goldstein: Critique of first 10 pages of YA or MG novel (2)

Kris Waldherr: First ten pages critique for MG or YA nonfiction or novel

Jen Malone: 1st ten pages of MS critique (MG or YA)

Kelly deVos: First Chapter Critique

NYT Bestselling author Robin Talley: Query + first 10 pages critique

Sarah Nicole Lemon: query and first 5 page critique

Katy Loutzenhiser: Query + 10 page critique (YA)

Emily Lloyd-Jones: Query & 15 page critique of a manuscript (Young adult)

Katie Nelson: Query + first ten pages critique of a YA or MG

Bethany Simonsen (Kate Foster Editing): Query + 1st chapter critique  (3)

Ellen Goodlett: Query & first chapter critique for YA, any genre

Laura Shovan: 1st 10 pages critique + phone call, middle grade

Nancy Viau: first 10 pages

Colleen Rowan Kosinski: first 10 pages

Olivia Cole: 5-10 page critique


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